21 March 2022


The STEM Educational Programme 2nd delivery phase is running thanks to the consortium of partners. The EFDN STEM Football & Education Programme is a pan-European project selected for financial support from the UEFA Foundation for Children aiming to promote STEM Education amongst European youth. STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – is the field that helps children learn how to program, make codes and understand technological devices.

With the support of project partner Sphero and their supplemental resources, EFDN delivers STEM Education programmes in collaboration with several football foundations across Europe. We invite you to see what are the activities that clubs deliver throughout the project.

From the 1st delivery phase, we can already mention the fact that pupils increase their skills in the technological field using this STEM Education. The access to this new technology is an opportunity for children to already build an interest and understanding in these materials. Indeed, we have perceived several improvements in the completion of activities.

For this 2nd delivery phase, the project partners are continuing the great work that they achieved in the 1st delivery reaching out pupils that can discover this STEM Education as educating new teachers in this specific new curriculum.

Aberdeen FC Community Trust

Fundacja Legi

Newcastle United Foundation FC