The importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) education is becoming clearer and clearer every day. STEM programmes educate pupils in these four fields through an interdisciplinary and applied approach. Demand for STEM jobs tripled between 2000 and 2010, and it has continued to grow exponentially this past decade. Still today, given the development of technology and artificial intelligence, professional and educational opportunities are emerging consistently.
With this in mind, the European Football for Development Network (EFDN) has implemented a forward-thinking STEM Network to promote this field of study throughout the European football community. The EFDN STEM Network aims to engage EFDN member clubs, leagues and FAs who are keen to start their own journey of STEM Education for their club and community and want to be part of an alliance that will drive change and impact across Europe.

At Chelsea FC and Feyenoord Rotterdam, for example, programmes featuring STEM Education are already an integral element within their broad offer of community programmes. Chelsea FC launched the world’s first Robot Football coding game using a Sphero robot, as well as delivery design and engineering programmes focused on Nike football boot design and stadium design. In 2018, both Chelsea and Feyenoord met with the San Francisco 49ers to exchange knowledge and experience on the intersection between STEM education and sport.

EFDN STEM Football & Education Programme

The EFDN STEM Football & Education Programme is a pan-European project selected for financial support from the UEFA Foundation for Children aiming to promote STEM Education amongst European youth. STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – is the field that helps children learn how to program, make codes and understand technological devices. Statistics tell us there are currently more than a million job vacancies in the STEM industry, while at the same time only 16% of college students graduate in STEM fields or subjects. With the support of project partner Sphero and their supplemental resources, EFDN plans to deliver STEM Education programmes across Europe using the power of football to keep children engaged and committed to learning.

Project Aims and Objectives

  • To assess existing activities via a range of research methods, including: primary research via interviews with key stakeholders and participating organisations, and secondary research via case study research and literature review.
  • To test and develop the STEM Education Football Programme methodology in primary and secondary schools.
  • To evaluate, adjust and further develop the methodology.
  • To develop the STEM Education Football Programme training materials, local delivery plan, partnership plan and quality guidelines.
  • To disseminate the STEM Education Football Programme Resources and organise a dissemination event in 2022.
  • To develop and maintain an online platform with all programme resources.

EFDN has a reach to communities and minds second to none. Together, we can learn, share and develop programmes to motivate and inspire the next generation to engage in STEM education from a young age and use football to bring STEM to life. And now, the channels we use are even stronger, thanks to our partnership with Sphero – a platform that offers educational toolkits, mentorship, guidance and other important resources to bring STEM education into the classroom.

Help us change the way we educate and raise our children. Join the EFDN STEM Network today!