STEM Conference in Glasgow coming up!

24 May 2023

STEM Conference in Glasgow coming up!

On the 29th of June, an EFDN STEM Conference will be held at Hampden Park, Glasgow.

The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Conference, hosted by the SPFL Trust, is set to be a gathering of professionals, educators, and enthusiasts from various fields within the STEM domain. The event aims to revolutionize the way we educate and prepare our young generation of pioneers and problem solvers for the(ir) future.

From simple classroom experiments to complex challenges and competitions, STEM projects provide a gateway for children to explore, discover, and unlock their full potential and encourage students to pursue further studies or further careers in STEM-related fields.

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STEM projects typically involve hands-on activities, problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration. They are designed to promote creativity, innovation, and the application of scientific and mathematical concepts to real-world situations. These projects can range from simple classroom experiments to more complex challenges and competitions.

By engaging students in practical, inquiry-based learning experiences, STEM projects aim to foster a deeper understanding of these subjects and encourage students to pursue further studies or further careers in STEM-related fields.

Matt Mead of Sphero Sports

Among the attendees will be a significant number of Scottish clubs and European football organisations while we bring together motivating speakers from inside and outside the football world, who will present inspiring keynotes. The programme will include panel discussions and interactive workshops related to STEM and NBS (Nature based Solutions).

The already confirmed speakers at the STEM Conference are Hubert Rovers, the CEO of EFDN, and Klaas Kuperus from Sphero Sports, powered by eduwinkel. One of the STEM Network Project Partners will share their experiences as well as a Scottish club will talk about their use of STEM and how they will get influenced by the STEM developments.

The STEM Conference (10am-4pm) promises to be an enlightening event, bringing together passionate professionals, along with the insightful contributions of many different speakers, attendees can expect to be inspired and empowered by the latest developments in sustainable technology and artificial intelligence.

The full programme of this event with speakers, workshops and inspiring sessions will be announced soon. Together, we can pave the way for a generation of innovators, problem solvers, and leaders who will shape the world through the power of STEM.

The EFDN STEM Conference will be in collaboration with Sphero Sports powered by Eduwinkel, UEFA Foundation, NBS EduWORLD, and Co-funded by the European Union.


EFDN Members: can join the Conference in Glasgow with 2 persons for free.

Scottish Clubs: can join the Conference in Glasgow with 2 persons for free.


Non-members can buy a Conference ticket for €100 euro. This payment can be done through PayPal or Bank transfer.

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