Esports Scotland Duo Ben Grant & James Hood – Speakers at the EFDN STEM Conference

22 June 2023

Esports Scotland Duo Ben Grant & James Hood – Speakers at the EFDN STEM Conference

Esports is an enabler of STEM outcomes for European Football Clubs. They will outline how competitive electronic gaming, in particular eFootball, can be used by football clubs and their respective community trusts to unlock STEM outcomes for young people across Europe.

Speakers James Hood, Founder & CEO of Esports Scotland and Ben grant, Head of Strategy for Esports Scotland, will shed light on their involvement in the realm of education, highlighting the valuable intersection between Esports and education in the drawing Cyber Age. Their presentation will explain the links between engaging formalised Esports education, STEM outcomes, and helping young people find valuable employment in the modern workforce.

Additionally, the Esports Scotland speakers will share real life success stories to date, such as their education initiative with Angus council, and explain how Esports can be used to augment European football clubs, and their associated community trusts. All over, combining the power of football and gaming to enhance STEM learning for the next generation.

Both will also provide an account of their remarkable journey in Esports. James Hood, from humble grassroots beginnings in 2017, to reaching the pinnacle of international sports at the Commonwealth Games in 2022. Since establishing ESS in 2017, he has guided the growth of Esports in Scotland, from pioneering education initiatives to delivering two silver medals at the inaugural Commonwealth Esports Championship in 2022. He is recognised as an authority across UK Esports, and is at the forefront of growing Esports participation for all.

Ben Grant has a diverse professional background, from receiving the top commendation from the United Kingdom’s prestigious Royal Military Academy Sandhurst for Outstanding Leadership across the British Army, to working on a European award-winning marketing campaign. Having previously led research into the value of formalised Esports education, Ben has a developed understanding of how competitive gaming can augment traditional sports organisations with STEM linkages.