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4 Nov
Participants of the STEM Education Programme of Morton in the Community completed week 2 as pupils learned to block code their Sphero robots to make a square. It is mazing to see pupils already showing off their coding skills by making their robots light up and talk.
27 Oct
P5B & 7A from Newark Primary began their STEM journey today. They learned to connect to the robots, aim the robots and drive the robots. They also learned to create and execute a Draw coding program to create different shapes. Well done everyone!
21 Apr
Legia Foundation just announced their participation in the new STEM project. Fall 2021 they will launch the new STEM programme, funded by European Football for Development Network and UEFA Foundation for Children. Participants of the project, elementary school children, will learn the basics of programming on the example of SPHERO’s Read more
11 Feb
On 22 December 2015, the UN General Assembly decided to establish an annual International Day to recognise the critical role women and girls play in science and technology. The International Day of Women and Girls in Science, celebrated on 11 February, is an opportunity to promote full and equal access to Read more
19 Nov
Sphero’s Sports Partnership Manager, Matt Mead, was among the speakers at the 14th EFDN Conference last week. His presentation on “Fostering a Passion to Learn STEM Skills Through Football, Coding and Play!” outlined the importance of growing STEM skills in youth and how football can be used as a tool Read more
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